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1 Supported web browsers

The Veloopti GUI supports the latest versions of the following browsers. Older versions of the browser may work.

  • Firefox on Windows, Mac and Linux (60.0.1 and above)
  • Chrome on Windows and Mac (58.0.3029 and above)
    • Other Chromium engine web browsers have been found to work acceptably however some inconsistencies have been noted.
  • Edge on Windows (Version 42.17134.1.0 and above)
  • Internet Explorer on Windows 10 (V 11.48.17134.0 Update Versions 11.0.65)
  • Safari on Mac (11.1 and above)
  • iPhone
  • Android

2 Cookie Requirements

Cookies must be enabled on your browser for the user login to function correctly. Cookies are also used to store your view options that have been selected.

3 Unsupported web browsers

The following web browsers are currently unsupported

  • Safari on Windows (Currently unsupported by Apple)
  • Internet Explorer on Windows 7
  • All tablets running the web console. They will work using the movible version of the console.