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1 Overview

Veloopti is an IT computer and application monitoring platform primarily delivered using SaaS. It is designed for both small and large environments being able to cope with potentially an unlimited number of devices under management being able to scale to match the current user demand. It is built for the enterprise but is easy enough for anyone to use.

having multi-tenant capability with granular permission.

Veloopti provides much functionality to its users to monitor and perform corrective actions

Veloopti is updated regularly with

Security has been an important consideration and everything that is performed by a user is logged and available for later viewing. Anything that a user performs has an explicit permission associated with it that must be granted in advance in order for them to be able to do it. Permissions manage everything from adding a new managed computer, removing a managed computer, upgrading an agent, deploying a monitoring policy to a computer or even giving a node a new display name has a permission and is audited for later viewing. Roles are created that group permissions together and these roles are entirely customisable. T

Each organisation has its own database that is entirely separated from all of the other organisations.

The Veloopti agent is secure secured with one-way communication initiation (from the Agent to the Veloopti cloud) and uses TLS encryption to protect the stream of data. Because the stream of data is always initiated from the Veloopti agent there is no need to open extra ports on the computer or firewall.

Veloopti is hosted by Amazon Web Services in Sydney Australia and as such is legally covered by strict Australian privacy laws.

2 How Veloopti works

The person who creates an organisation automatically has the role of owner and Billing Administrator. The Oner is automatically made a member of the Global admins role that gives them permission to do pretty much anything in Veloopti. The Owner is able to invite new users to the organisation and give to them global roles to empower them to things in Veloopti.

Applications are foundational to Veloopti and creating them are crucial to getting the most from it. Once an application is created

Logical Overview
Overview logical.jpg

Up to one second granularity of monitoring is achieved by using an agent that runs on the computer. The Veloopti Agent is small and efficient and closely monitors itself to ensure that it doesn't take valuable CPU and memory resources from the exewcutables running on the computer.

Inventory information is gathered and made available through the API for consumption by external applications.

An API is supported that is able to accept data streams at up to a one second granularity. Veloopti is also is suitable for smaller environments with them getting to take advantage of all of the enterprise capabilities that it has to offer. Because Veloopti is true SaaS you are able to sign up and self provision by yourself. Additionally because monitoring is only paid for when it is active any non-running Veloopti Agent has no costs to you. All product maintenance and upgrades are managed by Veloopti requiring none of your time. This includes updates to the Veloopti Agent.

The Veloopti Agent actively watches your computers for any changes that may take place. These changes may be as simple as a configuration file change or as as a change of how it connects to other computers. Compare the configuration changes with health metrics.