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The following are the known issues for the current version

Known Issues
Id Component Description Required resolution Resolution Date
WI‑1 Dashboard When a filter is set for a dashboard it is not remembered across different browsers Move the functionality from a cookie to the database
WI‑2 Dashboard filters When the timerange of "Next Month" is selected, if there is no data in next month it displays data for this month Requires investigation
WI‑3 Dashboard breadcrumbs When a data point is clicked on and a intermediate graph is shown, when you click on the "back" link the breadcrumb does not update To be fixed with the navigation update
WI‑4 Dashboard events Events on the Dashboard are being pushed in but not removed after the specified time period Fixed with a patch 6/6/2017
WI‑5 Dashboard events Some events are not appearing in the dashboard browser. There doesn't appear to be a logic behind what does not appear An old version of the event interceptor was running that brought the events into Veloopti on some backend servers. 26/6/2017
WI‑6 Actions When an action is run it does not move across to the "in progress" tab The Actions page will be re-worked to include a greater level of workflow
WI‑7 Audit The main audit log includes many "Event closed" entries These event will be filtered out of the main audit log
WI‑8 Audit The Audit log filters do not work The Audit filters need to be enabled
WI‑9 Dashboard The events are not automatically closing Fixed with a patch 31/7/2017